Raw Material Supplier
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Brush Raw Materials Supplier

Barış Fırça Co., supplies bristle, fiber, filament and wire in accordance with market demand. Our company offers you easy and professional solutions for your brush raw material needs with a wide range of products.

Brush Materials

Brush material is supplied upon order, according to the raw material specialities required by your business. Please call us to get detailed information about our products.
Brush Production According To Your Demand
Our company supplies raw materials for all brushes.
More About Brushes
We offer professional solutions for your demands of brush raw material.

Why Barış Fırça?

It offers high quality products for your brush.

The most abundant selection of bristle, fiber, filament and wire reach you with fast delivery and affordable prices Barış Fırça offers advantages for both of small quantity and bulk purchasing.

All our bristle and other products are offered for sale under our company assurance.

Barış Fırça

Bristle and nylon types used for all kinds of brushes like Tampico fiber, Palmira fiber, Abrasive filaments, Wires, Staple, etc. are what we supply. We supply brush bristles from our domestic and international business partners who offer high quality and affordable prices, keeping the needs of the market and our company reputation at the forefront since 1982.