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Natural Bristles

You will find natural brush bristles, which are used in many fields, in high quality and at the most affordable prices in Barış Fırça.

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Natural Fibers

Our products are exported all around the world. There are many kinds of fibers in our company.

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Synthetic Filaments

Synthetic filaments suitable for different applications: cosmetic, dental hygiene, domestic hygiene, household and industry. 

Barış Fırça provides bristle, Fiber, nylon filament and all brush and broom raw materials in accordance with market demand. Our company always offers high quality products with reasonable prices to the customers. We are here to find easy and professional solutions for your business needs

Barış Fırça is provider of many kind of brush raw materials including bristles, natural brush herbs and nylon filaments etc. as well as being a manufacturer company in the sector. Please contact us to get detailed information about our products.

Barış Fırça supplies brush materials according to the required size, type and color upon order. There are various types of bristles, Fibers, Synthetic bristles and mix bristles on the market under the name of Barış Fırça. You can find many products that we provide in our website.

Why choose us?

  • Provides high quality products for bristle industry

  • Wide range of raw materials

  • Fast delivery and reasonable prices

  • Barış Fırça offers the advantages of low volume and bulk purchase.

  • All products are offered under the guarantee of the Barış Fırça Brand.